Design Notes July


Having recently completed a series of design presentations for new product, one question seems to always surface; what ever happened to color on our floors? (i.e.; carpets, vinyl tile, etc. in colors) The answer is actually simple, people are less afraid of bold colors than they were in the past. This is shown by the use of strong colors in today’s accessories and accents being used by homeowners. A neutral base on the floor and even in larger furniture pieces, like a sofa, gives a homeowner the ability to choose items they like, whether it is a piece of artwork for the wall, colorful throw pillows or even a painted accent wall. It also allows them to change whenever they want. We have all become more exposed to color via HGTV, Pinterest and as a result are using it in places we never would have thought of before.


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Debbie Stutsman

Corporate Director of Design

The Commodore Corporation