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MidCountry Homes | Max Mod

-MidCountry Homes presents Max Mod-

MidCountry Homes modular homes are set on a crawl space or basement, making them more permanent and have the same stringent codes as conventional stick-built homes. With our Max Mod option, over thirty home layouts can be modulars! One of our many amazing features is the Northern Zone Storage; an insulated attic!

Our Max Mod option has new product features such as:

The Casita!

Love the concept of a tiny home, but want more space?
Most tiny homes are between 400-100sq, but the Casita is double that!
Produced by Manorwood Homes comes this economical two story modular home in two variations: Casita 1 & 2, consisting between approx. 1,070- 1,549sq.

The Casita offers more space to move around and live without tight constraints than a traditional tiny home. This means you’re free to furnish your home without feeling cluttered. While space is so important, there are other amazing benefits to owning a smaller home: being environment-friendly, energy efficient, and less space means less to clean.

So there you have it- the Casita allows you to save money on utilities and help the environment, all while enjoying your perfectly sized home!

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Lumber Costs Skyrocket

As the price of lumber rises, so does the market value of the average new multifamily home. According to Random Lengths, there has been a 130% increase since mid-April, which translates to over $6K in market value as of August 21st, 2020.

Prices continue to rise even after stats are ran.

‘The price of the home to the ultimate buyer has gone up by even somewhat more than this, due to factors such as interest on construction loans, brokers’ fees, and margins required to attract capital to residential construction and get construction loans underwritten. For items such as lumber that are purchased and used throughout the construction process, NAHB has estimated that the buyer’s price will increase by an additional 19.2%’

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Illuminating Change

Ready for the Fall season, but not entirely ready to let go of Summer? Sherwin Williams new August Color of the Month- Perle Noir is here to ease you into the coming season. Accented the perfect lighting fixture and light hues of summer, this cool charcoal tone will illuminate any room in your favorite Commodore home!

Check out these light fixtures that go great with Perle Noir: